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James Mays - Director, Mystic Law Productions

in print. Read In Tune Magazine's interview of James.

James Mays - Austin Music Minute






AJ Vincent - Teacher at Band Aid School of Music

Speaks to the Austin Chronicle about fame, the success of The Bright Light Social Hour and how he learned to sing those high notes from James Mays




Bono who co-founded Red and Didier Drogba kicked off World Aids Week by premiering one of Mystic Law's "Social Change" videos about HIV/AIDS education through grassroots soccer programs in Africa. Mays worked with Troi Studio, Amsterdam and supervised/produced the musical score of this trilogy for Nike.



"AIDS and HIV is something that really destroyed Africa ... And people don't really realize how easy it is to save lives. Only two pills a day, which is 40 cents."
– Didier Drogba



World AIDS Week Premier of Mays' "Social Change" video




Band Aid School of Music band, AfterMath, wins School Jam USA. more





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School Jam USA
School Jam Texas has gone national. more




You and Me plays Fox News to promote their upcoming tour and The Kids Are Alright Fest.




Jam Fest raises $5700 for teachers salaries
On November 14 , eight of Austin's best U21 bands played on two stages at the Belmont on 6th Street for Randy Kunik's 3rd Annual fund raiser for the Eanes Education Foundation. Nelo headlined the most successful Jam Fest yet. The Kids Are Alright Fest staff educated the Westlake Teen Teachers on the ins-and-outs of producing a profitable festival. Keeping with its mission to, "Inspire and empower youth to be the innovators of our community's future."


SXSW Underage - The Fireants




The Kids Are Alright Fest presents Jam Fest

The Fireants on Fox News