our mystic mission

To educate and liberate

Founded in 1998, as a music production company, Mystic Law Productions LLC. has grown into an education company based on the principal of creativity and cooperation. The term "Mystic Law" is derived from Buddhism, meaning the "Universal Law" which governs all phenomena. We feel it is our duty to maintain an awareness of our alignment to this law and how our actions impact the next 7 generations. Our mission includes contributing to the well being of our customers, clients and sponsors financially by adding more to our society and the integrity of our global community. A portion of our net proceeds is donated to local and global charities that make life better for people in need. Your partnership with us helps ensure that those less fortunate are getting a leg up too.



Our Core Values include:

Produce the highest quality, socially conscious, health conscious people, products and events possible.
Inspire and empower youth to be the innovators of our community’s future.
Satisfy and delight our customers.
Support team member’s happiness and excellence.
Creating wealth through profits and growth.
Creating ongoing win-win relationships with our partners and sponsors.
Caring about our communities and our environment.